Automated gates

We have a wide range of automated gates to cater to varying needs for our customers in the Canberra region. We have been installing automated gates around Canberra for 15 years, and have provided quality products and service through out that time.  

We manufacture swing, sliding, and telescopic automated gates in our local work shop. So if you're looking to install an automated gate, we can help you.


Automated Electric gate

Get an added level of security for your home with our automated gates. We can design and construct your gates in our own workshop. We use the very latest equipment to construct our products, like TIG welding the frames of the gates. This is the strongest way to weld aluminium, and is why we will stand behind our product. To make sure your new gate look the best they possibly can we go that one step further and file the welds to smoothed finish ready to be powder coated in our five step system. We are confident that you will not find another automated gate of this standard around Canberra.

Choosing and installing the right type of automation for your gate is done by our fully trained technician. There are many systems on the market these days but getting the right one for  the gate is very important if it's going to last. The correct installation of the gate and automation will withstand the harsh climate of Canberra for many years.



All gates require servicing regularly. So if your automated gate is not doing what it should, or you would like to upgrade to one of our gates. Then give us a call.